I am excited to introduce my skills & hobbies page!

These are all of my specific skills/hobbies does something look interesting to you that you’ve never tried? I would love to be the model who gets to show you my world. Or are any of these things something you are already passionate about? These are some ideas of some things I would love to experience together.


I was fortunate enough to learn how to ski when I was young, and it’s something I’ve taken with me as an adult. There is nothing like being on the top of a mountain the beauty and freedom you find upon the slopes is something I can’t get enough of. I spend a lot of my winter’s in Aspen Colorado, but of course, would love to join you in your favorite ski spot? A weekend getaway to a cute lodge is right up my ally!


So usually people don’t agree with me, but I love running! Are you also one of those insane people who actually enjoy running? I love anything that keeps me active, but running provides me with a head-clearing escape… whether that escape is reflecting on all the beauty in my life or whether it’s running out some extra stress I love to do it. Maybe we could run a half marathon together? Or perhaps you want an hour run to awaken your serotonin? Either way, I would love to join you on a run!


I am so excited to announce I am a newly certified diver! I find there is so much comfort being underwater. I feel like the ocean water is hugging me and I love seeing all the aquatic life. I haven’t dived in many places yet so I would love to be welcomed into the dive community by you. A dive trip is definitely on the top of my list. I would love for us to share this beautiful, unique experience together.

Yoga and pilates

I’ve been practicing both yoga and pilates for six years now. I genuinely love it, and it’s something that will always be a part of my life. Any other Yogi’s out there? I could see some fantastic trips/days revolved around lots of yoga sun and nature, whether it’s a private lesson or a yoga retreat you would like to go on together I, of course, would be thrilled to attend. Namaste.

Aerial yoga

I am putting this in a separate category because my excitement for Aerial yoga deserves its own section. I guess I love hanging from the ceiling, what about you? ( hahahahah ) If you’ve never done it you must let me show you the ropes ( or in this case fabric ) This would be a fun afternoon activity to do before a healthy lunch!


I know I know I don’t always look that outdoorsy, but believe it or not in the right outfits ( lol ) I thoroughly enjoy a hike. I actually would even love to attend a hiking camp trip ( and when I say camp I mean glamp ) Late nights by a campfire and morning hikes after a giant bowl of oatmeal with berries. ( yum! ) Afternoon hikes or an overnight adventure I would be honored to share such a fun experience with you!


I spend a lot of my days with my nose in a book. I read absolutely everything. I am what they call a “learner.” I will learn about anything and love expanding my mind in that way. Does it seem silly to read together? That’s okay we can show everyone just how dreamy it is. I think it sounds adorable and is definitely on my list as a cherished hobby. Let’s find books and discover together! Start our own book club?


This is not a skill I currently have, but one I would love to discover. I’ve always wanted to learn to fly a plane! Do you fly? Or is it something you’ve wanted to do, but maybe haven’t had a partner and crime for yet? I love a thrill, and this would be amongst one of the most exciting things we could do together.


Of course, traveling is one of my favorite hobbies! If you’ve been following me for a while you will notice I am very well-traveled, but with that said there is just so much ground to cover let’s do it together? A luxurious travel trip is something that makes my heart swoon. There’s so much to do and see all over this beautiful world, so take me anywhere. I remain passport ready at all times… let’s skip the country?

Tea tastings

I love a fun tea tasting or just a trip to a cute tea cafe! Do you know any? Also, do you love tea as much as me? A couple of cups of tea and you know what they say? It’s easy just to get lost in conversation… we all need to slow down and enjoy each other and the world a bit, so what do you say we take this to a tea shop? ( I am also interested in coffee tastings or meeting for a cup of coffee with some oat or almond milk)


What girl doesn’t love the spa, right? My favorite thing in the world is self care and I would love to join you in some. Massages and/or facials are some of my favorite ways to escape, sit back, and recharge. ( Plus who doesn’t love great skin?! ) Take me to your favorite spa or I can take you to mine.


Okay, I just have to put this on here. You may be the kind of person who loves spoiling a girl? Well I am that girl my love language is gifts ( wink wink ) Let’s spend an afternoon at all of our favorite shops so you can see me in those new Jimmy Choos with my new Chanel bag beautifully wrapped over my body. Lunch followed by shopping, perhaps?

Park picnics

I must say I’ve been lucky enough to have some wonderful picnics at parks all over the world! I enjoy sitting on a blanket and opening up a picnic basket to discover filled with fresh veggies and fruits and grains. I’ll take all the vegan/plant-based goodies, please! As for you feel free to eat any way you would like after all this is our picnic!

Amusement Parks

Is my wild side showing yet? Let’s grab a thrill along with a quick scream. I love the rides at amusement parks! Let’s play into the young part of our souls and share a day laughing while screaming and crying at Disney land or world? Six flags maybe? Universal Studios?

Comedy shows

Once you get to know me, you will notice I have a great sense of humor! I’m very dry and joking about 90% of the time in any given conversation. I find laughing is my way of making everything light, whether it’s something I’m excited about or nervous about I laugh my way through. A light heart is a happy heart ( or so I’ve heard lol ) Do you want to laugh together? Let’s check out a comedy show! ( Priority to any feminist female comic)

Michelin dinners

Who doesn’t love a nice dinner? Well, when we get Michelin involved it almost becomes theater as well don’t you think? I love learning the stories behind all the great chefs. Eating isn’t something that should be enjoyed alone, and studies have shown a long social dinner is beneficial to your health in many ways. I am always so excited to see how creative the chefs get with my plant-based dinners! As for you enjoy their menu any way you want!


Such a vague term, right? I love all theater! Is there anything on broadway you’ve been dying to see? Or maybe you love ballet, like me? I am always excited to accept an invitation to a show I haven’t seen, but I am equally as happy to watch something again! I am the kind of person who enjoys rewatching movies and rereading books, so it’s no different from a show I love.

These are all some fun ideas to fill our time together! I am also open to all of your ideas… the sky is the limit.