Success is insatiable.

Like Manhattan, it never truly sleeps. I may or may not be the queen of NYC, but one thing is for sure; my daily regimen rivals the royals. Who needs to run in the fast lane when you create your own private path?

I’ve been a very lucky lady for a very long time. My youth flowed with champagne and Chanel, and I feel every bit as adored as I do grateful for it! As a young woman emerging on the thrilling high-profit corporate scene, I am eager to take you to a whole new level with me. Whether I am the envy of everyone’s eyes or you are, we are the city’s power couple at that moment.

Champagne flows these days when my business deals break, and my goals are exceeded. Day to day, I remain focused and full of life tonics for my optimal A-game. Power couple with me to test your pace; I never shy away from a challenge!

My horizons are ever-expanding; this year I’ll be living a bustling bi-coastal lifestyle in NYC and San Francisco; next year, who knows? Bi-continental has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? In the meantime, visit my posh pad in either elite city; my lane is self-determined and driven, and it leads the pack in any town.

See you soon!

Breya Lynn

My latest video, Private Utopia, filmed and edited by Point of Vue.